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Apply for a University in England and change your life

Hurry up and apply to a University in England for Autumn Intake 2024! Fully funded degree by Student Finance. 300+ courses
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What is student finance in England, and how it works?

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    UK Student Loan
    You are eligible for student Loan if you hold: British passport, Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), EU pre-settled/settled status or refugee status in the UK.
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    International Student
    Not Eligible for student loan if you hold: Leave to remain for 5 years, Visa. In this case you can apply to university like International student.
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    Finance Support
    Student Finance England will provide you with a maintenance loan
    (*up to £18000 in London, or up to £16000 if you are outside London) and a tuition fee (£9250). *amount depends on your individual situation

Maintenance loan

The maintenance loan will be paid directly into your bank account in three instalments at the start of each term and can be spent for your personal needs. The loan amount will depend on your living circumstances and household income, which you can work out before receiving.
This money you repay after the course is finished and only if you earn more than £25000 per year. If you don't earn, you don't repay. If you earn more than £25000, you only repay 9% of any above income. You pay directly from the wages in small instalments, like an extra tax. The loan for your course will be written off when you're 65.
Also, if you are a student in England, you will have a 30% discount on your Travel Card and a 25-100% discount on your Council tax. (depends on your situation).
After 4 years, you started to earn £30000 per year. £30000 - £25000 = £5000. From £5000 take 9% and it will be £450. The interest rate will be based on the Retail Price Index, which can be 6/7% per year. So if after 4 years your salary will be 30000 you should pay every year £450 or £37.5 per month.


Study courses

It encompasses introductory subjects designed to equip students for the university experience and subsequent academic years.
The undergraduate programs we offer encompass a diverse range of options, including comprehensive bachelor's degrees and specialized TOP-UP programmes, tailored to meet various academic needs.
A postgraduate programme is equivalent to Level 7 and is most known as a masters' programme, MSc, MBA or MA.
How we work
  • Contact Us
    Leave your phone number on our website or message us in chat, and we will call you back.
  • Clarify your situation
    We will discuss and clarify your situation: what documents you have, how long you have been living in the UK, etc.
  • Your choice: city, course
    We will choose the course you want in the city you wish to.
  • Document verification
    We will verify all the documents and apply to the University.
  • Preparation
    After we get a university response, we will repeat the essential questions for the admission exam.
  • Admission achieved
    After you are admitted to the University, we will start the student finance application process.
  • Start studying
    While we are waiting for the finance response, you will already start studying.
  • Receive money
    Half a month after application you will receive money in your bank account.


Our documents

How to find us?

Typically, we conduct 80% of our student interactions online. However, if you're interested in visiting us in person and enjoying a cup of tea, we would be delighted to welcome you. During your visit, we can provide guidance on finding the best university for you.

LOCATION: 30 Churchill place (WeWork)